Bequests & Endowments

Bequests are the most common type of planned gift. Planned gifts allow your donors to express their personal values by integrating charitable goals in their financial and estate planning. It is simply another opportunity for donors to support your organization, in addition to their annual contributions. Planned gifts are not just for the wealthy. They are the means by which ordinary people make extraordinary gifts that can help to provide for the solid financial foundation of your organization.


You may already encourage your donors to prepare or update their Will as a key component of their estate planning. Simple language can be included to establish a direct bequest when your donors prepare or update their Will.

Friends Fiduciary can assist your meeting or organization in stewarding and administering a bequest.  Our professional investment management, consistent with Quaker values, and our ability to account separately any number of restricted gifts is a unique value add for your organization. Visit the Quaker Growth & Income section for information on investment management or contact Mimi Blackwell at 215-241-7272 or


Some donors wish to benefit a Quaker charity but may be reluctant to make a significant outright gift to the organization.  Other donors may wish to make a single gift that benefits multiple organizations.  Friends Fiduciary is able to work with donors to accomplish their charitable goals in a way that achieves their objectives while also benefiting your organization.  Donors may make gifts or bequests to Friends Fiduciary for the restricted benefit of your organization and thereby feel confident in Friends Fiduciary’s stability and expertise in stewarding gifts wisely and investing them consistent with Quaker values.

Your donors can direct Friends Fiduciary to:

  • Set up a new account or add it to an existing endowment to benefit your organization
  • Pay out only income or allow for principal distributions under certain circumstances
  • Include other Friends meetings or organizations in this one bequest

Please contact Mimi Blackwell for sample gift language and to discuss these options in more detail, at 215-241-7272 or