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Invest in history

When you invest with Friends Fiduciary, you’re investing with the oldest and most respected asset management company providing socially responsible investment management services consistent with Quaker values.  As a non-profit, Friends Fiduciary is able to provide our services at cost so that Quaker organizations can invest for less.

Invest in experience

With our history comes experience, and there’s no better teacher. Managing assets since 1898, we’ve invested through nearly all modern economic and market cycles and know what it means to invest for the long term.  We manage over $600 Million in co-mingled funds and separately managed accounts serving Quaker meetings, churches, schools and organizations across the country.  Our clients range from organizations with over $150 Million in investable assets to those with under $10,000, and our individual accounts vary from $2,000 to $40 Million.

Invest in performance

Friends Fiduciary’s record of solid performance proves you can adhere to Quaker values and achieve excellent investment returns.  As a manager of managers, we select the best in the business to manage your money according to strict Quaker guidelines.

Invest in action

Actions always speak louder than words and we are the most active Quaker organization engaging in shareholder and policy advocacy.  We are the Quaker voice on important business issues.  We believe our Quaker values, and how we implement them in our investment process, support long-term company and shareholder value.

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We align your investments with Quaker values. Call us at 215-241-7272 or email us at for a new constituent packet, which includes a copy of our custody and investment agreement. Click here for forms and additional information.