Gift Calculator & Donor Resources

Use this gift calculator to explore on your own how a life-income gift to your meeting, church or Quaker organization might work for you. Just enter some basic information, and you’ll get an estimate of the charitable deduction and the income you might receive in the first year. Be assured that the information you enter in this web-based calculator is completely confidential unless you voluntarily choose to note your name and contact information for follow-up by Friends Fiduciary staff.

For a complete illustration please contact Mimi Blackwell at 215-241-7272 or Each individual’s circumstances are different and can be quite complex. We can help you fully understand and evaluate the gift options that work most effectively for you and the organization you wish to benefit.

Please note: Gift calculations are provided for illustrative purposes only. In addition to talking to staff at Friends Fiduciary, please consult your attorney or tax advisor before entering into any gift agreement.




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Charitable Gift Annuity
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Planned Giving Brochure
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