Bequests & Endowments

Bequests and Endowments are ways of giving that enable you to express your personal values by integrating charitable and financial goals. They are simply additional opportunities for generous donors to make gifts, distinct from annual contributions, to those Friends organizations whose missions you support. Bequests and Endowments are not just for the wealthy. They are means by which ordinary people make extraordinary gifts that can help to provide for the solid financial foundation of our Friends meetings and organizations.


Drafting a Will, no matter your level of wealth, is a key component of an estate plan. It enables you to care for your estate, family and the organizations you value beyond your lifetime. Many donors can provide more substantial gifts through a bequest than through annual contributions. As a result, bequests are often the financial foundation for organization’s major programs, building maintenance, scholarships and support to those in need. Simple language can be included to establish a bequest when you prepare a new Will or add a codicil to an existing one.


You can also give a cash gift or leave a direct bequest to Friends Fiduciary to establish an endowment to support Friends meetings and organizations. As the donor, you can feel confident that your gift will be stewarded wisely and invested according to our socially responsible guidelines. Through your Will you can direct Friends Fiduciary to:

Please contact Friends Fiduciary for sample gift language for a bequest and to discuss these options in more detail.