Quaker Fundraisers Gathering

5 Virtual Sessions - Fridays in October


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The Quaker Fundraisers Gathering is a biennial educational and networking conference for fundraising professionals and volunteers working in Quaker schools, organizations, meetings and churches. Friends Fiduciary Corporation has coordinated and sponsored the event since 2003, working with a volunteer planning group each year composed of Quaker fundraisers that guide, shape and assist with the Gathering.

Each Gathering provides a wide range of valuable learning and networking opportunities with dynamic speakers and presenters offering both formal and informal learning and networking opportunities throughout the Gathering.

“I look forward to the Gathering for its fellowship and the opportunity to share the successes and challenges of our development work with other organizations. Having several of our staff attend enhances team-building and provides insights that support our work.”

– Jack Rogers, Chief Development Officer
William Penn Charter School

Gathering Schedule

12:00-1:15pm (EST)
1:30-2:15pm (EST)
Friday, October 2State of Quaker Organizations Groups by interest with presenters
Friday, October 9Planned Giving 101 • Fundraising from Afar
• Virtual Worship & Our Quaker Communities
Friday, October 16Planned Giving 201 • How to Book a Planned Gift
• Virtual Fundraising Events
Friday, October 23 Building Empathy through Video Storytelling• Legalities of Virtual Fundraising*
• Talking about Money in Meetings
Friday, October 30 Grants: A Friendly Perspective Closing/Meeting for Worship
*Legalities of Virtual Fundraising will be a full session (1:30-2:45pm EST)

Session Descriptions

State of Quaker Organizations

Planned Giving 101

Planned Giving 201

Building Empathy through Video Storytelling

Legalities of Virtual Fundraising

Grants: A Friendly Perspective

This interactive workshop is designed for beginners, as well as experienced grant writers at Quaker-based organizations that are rooted in the testimonies of integrity, equality, stewardship, community, simplicity and peace. We will discuss ways in which you and your organization can think outside of the box! Are you still relying on the same funder, year after year to fund the same project year after year? How do you take steps and find the courage to expand your funding vision for the future?

Attendees will explore critical elements of grant writing and identify strategies that are responsive to the funders’ requirements as well as your organization’s needs.

Workshop participants will:

    1. Discover how to let your proposal speak your Quaker values
    2. Learn how to research and identify potential donors
    3. Review critical elements of grant writing, including speaking the language of the funder and telling your story from the funder’s perspective
    4. Discuss strategies and best practices
    5. Identify program sustainability areas

Presenter: Nikki Mosgrove, Grants Professional