Quaker Core Bond Fund


The Quaker Core Bond Fund adheres rigorously to traditional foundations of bond management – high quality, moderate volatility, and a reliable source of liquidity. Portfolio construction follows a multi-layered process that combines a top-down macro outlook and relative sector analysis with best execution trading. Ongoing research and review of global macroeconomic and market factors guides tactical shifts within the fund. Generating returns above the benchmark is a primary goal as multiple risks (i.e., market, credit, counterparty, liquidity, etc.) are considered at every step along the investment management process using state-of-the-art models and tools. In-depth credit analysis ensures that QCB maintains investment grade or higher bond quality characteristics. By policy, the fund avoids investing in US Treasury obligations.

For more information or to invest in the Quaker Core Bond Fund, please contact Friends Fiduciary at 215-241-7272 or info@friendsfiduciary.org.


Unit Value

Unit Values as of: 7/23/2024

Fund Name wdt_ID Fund Type Fund Value
Quaker Core Bond Fund 2 Fixed Income $26.35

Quaker Core Bond Fund unit value is net of operating expenses; the Fund does not have scheduled distributions.

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Investment Returns

Performance as of: 6/30/2024

Fund Name Fund Type wdt_ID Current Month Year to Date Last 12 Months 3 Yrs. 5 Yrs. 10 Yrs. Since Inception Inception Date
Quaker Core Bond Fund Fixed Income 1 1.10% -0.19% 3.55% -2.25% 0.38% 2.02% 4.15% 12/31/1998
Benchmark 2 0.95% -0.71% 2.63% -3.02% -0.23% 1.35% 3.75%

Market Indices

wdt_ID Market Indices Index Type Current Month Year to Date Last 12 Months 3 Yrs. 5 Yrs. 10 Yrs.
1 S&P 500 Index Equity 3.59% 15.30% 24.56% 10.02% 15.05% 12.86%
2 Bloomberg Aggregate Bond Index Fixed Income 0.95% -0.71% 2.63% -3.02% -0.23% 1.35%
3 MSCI All Country World ex-US Index International -0.10% 5.69% 11.62% 0.46% 5.55% 3.84%

Investment returns for periods exceeding 1 year are annualized.

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  • Investment performance is presented gross of fees and is inclusive of dividends and interest. Investment returns represent past performance and do not guarantee future results. Returns and principal values will fluctuate such that, upon redemption, units may be worth more or less than their original cost. Indices that comprise benchmarks are unmanaged and are inclusive of dividends and interest. Investors cannot invest directly in the indices.
  • Quaker Core Bond Fund Benchmark: 100% Bloomberg Aggregate Bond Index.
  • Fees: The Quaker Core Bond Fund operates with an annualized fee of 0.60% (60 basis points).


Chart data as of: 6/30/24


The Quaker Growth & Income Fund invests in stocks and bonds through SEC registered, third-party advisory firms and, as such, is subject to various risks related to the capital markets and to firm specific risks associated with advisors to the fund. Portfolio construction, asset allocation and portfolio management practices may not deliver desired results. The market prices of domestic and international equity investments may fluctuate and may decline along with moves in the broader equity markets or due to economic, industry or company specific events. International and emerging market investments are also subject to geopolitical risks, country specific economic events and adverse changes in currency values. The fund’s fixed income investments (i.e. notes and bonds) are subject to interest rate, credit, and liquidity risks. As interest rates rise, the value of fixed income investments will decline and may turn negative. Investment managers who work in an advisory capacity may not deliver investment results as anticipated. Investors in the fund could experience a decrease in the principal value of their investment or go through a period of underperformance relative to the benchmark.