Friends Fiduciary supports more robust SEC climate change disclosure requirements for corporations

June 11, 2021

Friends Fiduciary has joined other ICCR members in sending a letter to the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) acting chair, Allison Herren Lee. This effort follows the SEC’s statement requesting public input on Climate Change Disclosures. As long-term investors witnessing to the values and beliefs of Quakers, we recognize the importance of striving for a net zero future for responsible environmental stewardship and are concerned by the risks to all industries that climate change poses. FFC similarly recognizes the interconnections between climate change, racial justice, and human rights, as the worst impacts of climate change are most often borne by low-income communities and communities of color resulting in even greater social inequities, that in turn lead to negative impacts on the economy. Through efforts like this, FFC continues to push for more robust climate change disclosure to better understand and mitigate the risks of climate change to our investments, the financial markets, and economy.