Friends Fiduciary Asks Amazon to Respect Worker Rights

April 2nd, 2021

Friends Fiduciary joined over 70 other investors in calling on Amazon to cease interference with a unionization vote in Alabama. Collectively, the group has $20 billion in shares in the company. Led by Swedish investors Folksam and Ohman Fonder, we asked Amazon to respect the rights of workers to organize, in line with Amazon’s own Global Human Rights Principles, which state that the company respects employees’ right to unionize “without fear of reprisal, intimidation, or harassment.”

Organizers and workers have reported that the company has engaged in tactics that could be considered harassment in the face of the union drive. As Quaker, long-term investors, we believe that it is in every company’s best interest to respect worker rights in the United States and abroad. We believe that companies who take worker voices seriously and work with, not against, employees are bettered positioned to succeed in the long term.