Friends Fiduciary Supports Paid and Medical Leave for Workers

September 28, 2021

Friends Fiduciary has signed on to a letter, coordinated with the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility, urging the United States Congress to pass a comprehensive and permanent federal paid family and medical leave program by the end of 2021. A comprehensive paid leave program would include parental leave, family caregiving leave, and personal medical leave.

Today’s inequitable access to paid leave disproportionately affects women, people of color, essential workers in blue-collar jobs and workers in low-wage jobs. The current lack of a national paid leave program in the U.S. results in the use of state-based paid leave programs that leave 80 percent of private-sector workers uncovered. Support of this issue stems from FFC’s Quaker values including community and equality.

As we experience economic insecurity during this ongoing pandemic, paid leave programs can serve as a crucial tool in protecting economic security and stability of businesses and employees. With broad support from the business community for paid leave, creating a federal paid family and medical leave program will help build a stable, equitable, and resilient economy.