The Emlen Institution Fund, burlington, New jersey, established 1837, Quaker, scholarships small Quaker Schools, 1977 to FFC, African American and Native American students

History of the Emlen Institution Fund

The Emlen Institution Fund was established by the will of Samuel Emlen of Burlington, New Jersey who died in 1837.  Although the language is rather dated, there is a clear purpose, “of founding or Supporting in one of the Non Slaveholding States of this Union or in the now British Territories of the Canadas in their discretion an Institution for the Education maintenance and Instruction in School learning and in Agriculture and Mechanic Trades or Arts” of children of African and Native American descent.  In 1977, the Emlen Institution Fund came under the care of FFC. Today the Emlen Institution supports African American and Native American students in several Quaker elementary schools that have racially diverse student bodies.